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45 Great Genealogy Sites Worth Bookmarking

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Knowledge is worth sharing. So we decided to compose a list of our favorite genealogy sites to equip you with more resources and new tools as you move forward on your genealogical journey and create your family tree. We’ve divided these websites into several categories, although, there are some that could surely fit into more than one.

Records, Documents & Databases – Over a billion records including vital records, immigration lists, birth, marriage, death, military records and more…

Footnote – tens of millions of original source historic documents from the world’s finest archives available on the Internet

National Archives – preserves the records of the United States Federal government – records from the US, Canada and Europe including Federal Census records since 1790

DistantCousin – online archive of genealogy records and scanned images of historical documents – published transcriptions from 5,000+ cemeteries across the world

GenealogyBank – includes modern obituaries and historical newspapers, books, pamphlets, military records, government documents and more

Find A Grave – over 36 million grave records

Family Search – search records of your ancestors and explore free genealogy resources

Obituary Central – online database for finding obituaries and performing cemetery searches

GenWed – database and directory of marriage records in the U.S., Canada and UK

Genealogy Today – variety of sources including Masonic lodge rosters, funeral notices, school catalogues, yearbooks, telephone directories, church member list and more

DNA testing

Roots for Real – offers mtDNA, Y-DNA and autosomal DNA testing services

DNA Consultants – variety of DNA tests and personalized genealogical history reports

Family Tree DNA – self-proclaimed “world’s largest DNA testing company” in the new field of genetic genealogy

Nimble Diagnostics – full range of paternity, family relationship, drug, asthma, and ancestry DNA testing services

GeneTree – DNA testing services and visual representation’s of a family’s genetic history

DNA Heritage – DNA kits for paternal and maternal roots

Last Names

– free database containing over 50,000 surnames and their history

Behind the Name - etymology and history of surnames

Last Name Meanings – Ethnic origins and meaning of names of Irish, German, English, French, Italian, and Jewish descent.

Cousin Connect – database of surnames and genealogical query engine – store, search, and manage your queries

Blogs & Discussion

The Genealogue – insightful and funny genealogy blog authored by Chris Dunham

Eastman’s Online Genealogy – Dick Eastman’s genealogy blog and online newsletter

Genea-Musings – tips and commentary by Randy Seaver

The Genealogy Guys – podcasts and genealogy news since 2005 brought to you by George G. Morgan and Drew Smith

GenealogyBlog – genealogy insight and happenings co-authored by Leland & Patty Meitzler

Family Roots Radio – internet radio devoted to family history and genealogy, hosted by Kory L. Meyerink

Family Matters – as they say “tech support for the Family Historian”

GeneaBlogie – personal observations, news and tips by Craig manson

RootDig – resourceful genealogy blog authored by genealogy researcher and speaker Michael Neill

Dear Myrtle – online since ‘95, everything you need to know about genealogy

Genealogy Gems – online genealogy radio and free podcasts

Genealogy Insider – Family Tree Magazine’s genealogy blog written by Diane Haddad


Genealogy Workshops – genealogical workshops and courses brought to you by the National Archives and Records Administration

Genealogy Meetup Groups – meet other local genealogists and people who are interested in genealogy near you

Federation of Genealogical Societies – calendar of genealogical society events in the U.S.

Events Calendar by NGS- conferences and events compiled by the National Genealogical Society

Genealogy Blog’s Events Page – comprehensive listing of events, workshops, conferences compiled by Genealogy Blog

Education & Resources

Cyndi’s List – massive directory of links and genealogy resources on the internet – over 50,000 genealogy links for US, UK, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Europe, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

Genealogy Blog Finder – find blogs and content about genealogy on the web

Family Tree Magazine – special interest magazine covering everything related to genealogy; great overall resource

About Genealogy – lots of well-written content, links, tips and tutorials as well as a free genealogy newsletter – publisher of useful genealogy books and CDs that can be purchased directly from the site

5 Simple Rules for Family History

Friday, December 12th, 2008

This is a guest post by Lee Everton from Everton´s Genealogical Helper, a magazine dedicated to family history and genealogy topics.

Are you a budding genealogist? Or, do you want to just add a couple of your relatives to your online family tree? Whichever the case, there are some basic rules to follow which will help you keep track of anyone in your family. Five rules to remember when writing down your information, or adding to Genoom follow.

Rule #1 – Enter the family name(surname) in capital letters. This allows a reader to quickly know what name they are looking at. For example, if you see Lee EVERTON, or EVERTON Lee, you will know that “EVERTON” is the family name.

Rule #2 - When including the name of a female ancestor, always use their maiden name. If you always do this when you are entering new individuals on your family tree, you will notice that the family lines become easier to follow. For example, my family name is “Everton”, the name of my father. However, my mothers’ maiden name is “Mathews”, which is the family name of her father. This is the name that I would include on my family history records.

Rule #3 - Dates are written in the format, “Day, Month, Year.” An example is 12 December 2008. To avoid confusion when you are writing the dates, you should spell out the month and include all four digits of the year.

Rule #4 - Keep documentation on your information. For a death date, it might be as simple as “I saw the gravestone at the Springfield, Illinois city cemetery with these dates. I was there on 8 August 2008.” If it was a date for your brothers’ wedding, the notation might be, “I have a picture with the date on the bottom of the picture.” You do this so that others can follow and verify where you discovered the information.

Rule #5 – Try to keep any stories that you have heard about a relative with that individual. It might be a simple story about your mother and how she learned to ride a bike with her head. (Maybe, she was the one who invented the bicycle helmet.) These stories are what brings people in your family tree to life. With these stories, you will begin to see family traits that are passed from one generation to the next. You might even have one of the “Hmmm” moments when you realize that your quirky way of holding your mouth when you laugh is just like your great great grandpa.

Everton´s Genealogical Helper Magazine

Every issue of Everton’s Genealogical Helper magazine provides you with great insight to doing little things for your family history. Also, included in every issue is current information on websites, CD-ROMs for genealogy, information on various countries (Germany, Sweden, England, Canada, Ireland, etc.).

As a member of the Genoom family, you have taken one step in starting your family tree. Now, as you go along, discover other simple things you can do in the pages of Everton’s Genealogical Helper.

To help you get started, when you subscribe to our print magazine, we are going to give you a FREE poster-size Picture Family Tree where you can add your own family pictures and display on your wall. This is a great way to show off your family. We will also include a poster-size 7 Generation Family Tree to match the picture family tree that we are sending to you when you subscribe.

To receive one of these with your order, simply follow the appropriate link:

United States


As an additional bonus when you subscribe, you will receive complimentary access to Everton’s Genealogical Helper online edition. This gives you access to the current issue and the archive of past issues.