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Family Statistics in Genoom

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

We wanted to write a post about our Family Statistics feature because we think it’s a great way to learn some interesting facts about your family and we’ve been receiving a lot of positive feedback from Genoom users.

The aim of Family Statistics is to provide a visual representation of demographic data about your family. This means you can view graphical charts and graphs that show you data about four distinct demographic categories: gender distribution, geographic distribution, births and names.

More specifically, the statistics include:

- Proportion of males and females

- Longevity by gender

- Location of birth

- Location of current residency

- Groups of actual pages

- Birthdays per month

You can even filter this data for specific groups within your family network. In other words, you can select to view statistics for your entire family network, just your family tree, your direct family or any custom group you have created.

Below is a screen shot of the statistics landing page (click on the image to see full size). Remember, this is a Pro feature and you can only  access your family statistics if you are a Pro member.

As always, we love to hear feedback and welcome you to suggest any ideas you think could improve this feature.